DataWatt Solutions specializes in fiber optic cable outside plant construction


DataWatt Solutions Service Offerings

• Aerial and underground fiber construction
• Fiber fusion splicing and testing
• Maintenance and emergency restoration
• Project management




DataWatt Solutions has the design capability and experience to produce any project in the telecommunications industry. Our internal resources can meet any fiber design needs of our customers. If additional resources are needed, we have vetted a qualified few that work under our direction to ensure a timely and professional product.


DataWatt Solutions specializes in optical fiber construction and installation. Our fiber mileage of construction continues to grow as our reputation expands in our service areas. We are proud of the fiber services that we offer.

  • Aerial Construction
  • Underground Construction
  • Fiber Blowing
  • Inside Plant Electronic Installation
  • Documentation of Construction and Testing
  • Fusion Splicing and Testing
  • Maintenance and Emergency Restoration
  • Complete Project Management
--Emergency Restoration--

DataWatt has full confidence in supporting your network.  We have the appropriate resources to meet your service interruption requirements 24/7/365.  Feel free to ask us about our maintenance and emergency restoration offerings.